Julia Shuster

Julia is our newest member here at Soul, and is bringing with her a whole new service to our wonderful business. Julia was born in Kazakhstan, she moved and got her education as a graphic artist in Israel, where she built a career as a designer of traditional art and cultural elements.

Julia has always been close to the tattoo world, her husband is a traditional tattoo artist! She became inspired by the potential of transitioning from graphic designer into her dream career as a Micropigmentation specialist.
And, in 2023, Julia did just that, she completed her certification course with the Nationally renowned Brows by G and was successfully trained for her new path.

She sees Micropigmentation as a unique esthetic that can magically transform our natural beauty by refining and enhancing our features.

Julia’s skills are already surpassing her mentor’s expectations and her true talent for her craft is shining through. The artistic eye for colors, precision in application, and gentleness with her clients are some of her strengths in the cosmetic arts.

We are overjoyed to have Julia as part of our team!