Daith piercings as a treatment for migraines

Jan 22, 2023

in the last few years, you may have heard about the “migraine” piercing; an inner ear cartilage piercing that is said to lessen the pain and intensity that comes with migraines. 🤩

This piercing is called the daith! It is pronounced day-th (think ‘faith’, with a letter ‘d’!).

It is commonly pronounced as ‘Doth” also, and it’s a bit of a ‘tomato tomato’ situation- we will know what you mean and be able to get you the piercing you are looking for!

How does it help with migraines, you may ask? Well, the piercing is in line with an acupressure point called the vagus nerve. It is believed that the pressure from the jewelry pushes on the vagus nerve, releasing the discomfort and pain with an incoming migraine.

We have had many clients report relief from migraine pains after receiving this piercing, for some the relief has been instantaneous, and for some, it has been gradual, and for some little to no changes were reported.

The information we are presenting is merely anecdotal from our clients’ experiences, we encourage each and every person who is considering this for themselves to research independently before deciding what is best for them.

The daith piercing is also a super fun piercing to decorate. Due to the placement of this piercing, ornate jewelry can be worn comfortably and protected by the outer ridge of the ear.

Interested in getting this piercing? Want to see the decorative options that are available to you once this piercing has healed? Feel free to book on our online system above, or give us a call to book at (204) 284-1173.

Looking forward to supporting you beautiful people on your journey to self-adornment. We are here for it!

Sending megatons of golden bubbles,
Your SOUL Fam