Shaping, Tinting and Lamination





Shaping a brow is more than just applying wax and removing hairs. After learning about your personal style and brow preferences, your Brow Specialist will use the signature 6-Point Brow System to measure and create the perfect shape for your brows. We use the highest quality materials to ensure that even the most sensitive skin is protected during and after the procedure.


Using a selection of shades, our Brow Specialists darken existing brow hairs to give extra dimension. Your Brow Specialist will stay with you during the entire developing process to ensure the perfect shade is achieved. You won’t believe the change that just a tint can make to your brows!


Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that realigns the direction of brow hair and creates an instant look of added volume, fullness and fluffiness! Lasting 3-5 weeks, Brow Lamination is a solution for clients with stubborn hair growth, unruly brows, or brows that do not stay in place. Paired with an optional Brow Shaping and/or Brow Tint, Brow Lamination can work wonders and eliminate the need for daily maintenance, even for clients with existing Microblading or Micropigmentation.


How often should I come?
Everyone’s hair growth cycle is different, therefore the time between appointments can vary from 4-6 weeks. If you have minimal or slow hair growth and are trying to grow out your eyebrows, we recommend waiting longer between appointments. If your hair grows in very quickly, we recommend starting off with a length of time between bookings that allows the hairs to fully grow in. Once all hairs in the area have grown in, we wax the unwanted hairs to bring everything to the same hair growth pattern. From then on, we recommend leaving 4-6 weeks between appointments. Ultimately, your appointment frequency should be based on your personal preference and brow needs.
What will happen during my shaping appointment?
Our Brow Specialists will start all Brow Bar appointments with a consultation. The consultation portion of each appointment is so we can understand what you are looking to achieve, allow us to cover all pertinent information and answer any of your questions before beginning. Your Brow Specialist will cleanse the brow area and prep you for the shaping. They will map out the brows using our precise formula and measurement system and show you exactly which hairs they will leave and which ones they will remove. We always make sure you approve the shape and know exactly what your brows will look like post-appointment. The Brow Specialist will wax or tweeze your brows, depending on your specific request and their professional opinion based off of the consultation. As the service is taking place, they will check-in with you to ensure you are feeling comfortable. The Brow Specialist will have you approve the shape and design once the waxing or tweezing is complete and you will have a chance to let your artist know if you would like more hair removed. Our Brow Specialists are trained to be conservative with the shapes and work within your comfort level. Once the final shape has been approved, your Brow Specialist will apply an aftercare lotion to help soothe the skin and offer to fill your brows in for you if you would prefer to leave the appointment with photo ready brows!
How can I be confident that my Brow Specialist will not wax away too much hair?

At Soul Survivors, we start with the most important step; brow mapping! Brow mapping is a system our Brow Specialists use to measure out where your brows should start, where the arch should be and where the tail should end. An outline is then drawn to define the suggested shape of the brow and allow the client to make any adjustments before starting with the waxing service. With client approval, the artist will only wax the areas outside of the agreed-upon shape. We will check with you multiple times throughout the appointment to ensure you are comfortable with the areas that are being waxed. Our goal is for you to be confident and informed every step of the way.

If I book a Micropigmentation consultation, can I get a shaping and/or tint during the appointment?
Yes! Our Certified Micropigmentation Technicians are able to perform a shape and tint at the same time as your Micropigmentation consultation. Please let us know prior to your appointment that you would like to have this service done during your consultation.
Is there a charge for new client consultations?
There is no charge for the consultation itself; if you choose to include a shape and tint during your appointment, the charge will be $35 + tax instead of the regular shape and tint price of $45 +tax. As a new client, you receive $10 off your first Brow Bar appointment with us.
Is waxing painful?
Pain during your brow shaping appointment is dependent on how thick your hair follicles are. The thicker the hair, the more pain may be noticed. If you have fine, thin hairs, pain is virtually non-existent. We work in very small areas at a time to ensure the pain is tolerable and redness is minimized. To reduce pain risk, we advise that you avoid sunbathing, tanning, and any kind of skin peel treatments for at least 24 hours before a waxing and inform your Brow Specialist if you’re taking any medication or using skin products that could make your skin more sensitive than normal.
What kind of wax do you use?
We use a hard wax as it is softer on the skin, leaves the skin less red, and is less painful than other types of wax.
What are the benefits of brow tinting?
If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to enhance your natural brows by giving them a bolder look, brow tinting gives long-lasting definition to brow hairs for 2-4 weeks. Tinting is a great option for busy individuals and jet-setters who want perfect, low maintenance brow definition around the clock.
Do you have different shades of tint?
We have several different tint colours and all tints can be left on the brows for various amounts of time to achieve the perfect shade for you. The longer the tint stays on, the darker it will become and the longer it can last on the underlying skin.
How does tinting work?
Tinting is similar to dying your hair. We carefully select and mix a perfect tint for each client and develop the dye with peroxide before applying. We have multiple shades and two different tint brands to ensure we create the perfect shade. Our Brow Specialists stay with you the entire time your tint is processing (1-5 minutes), watching the colour develop to be sure it does not become too dark. Our process involves removing the colour and re-applying until the perfect shade has developed. No risk leaving with jet-black eyebrows here!
How long will my tint last?
Tinting will last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. The length of time that your tinting will last depends on your lifestyle, skin care products, and skin type. The more often you wash your face, the faster the tinting can fade. Other things like sun exposure and harsh skincare products also reduce the time that your tint can last.
Will the tint product tint my skin or just the hair? Does it work on grey brow hair?
Tinting generally only tints the brow hair, however we are able to leave the tint on longer to tint the underlying skin as well. Note: tint on the skin generally only lasts 1-3 days post-appointment.

The tint will cover grey hairs, but it should be noted that often grey hair is more resistant to tinting than other hair types.

Why do some people get little bumps the day after waxing even if no oil products were used?
Our hair resides in the follicles in the skin. When hair is waxed, it causes stress on the skin and skin can become inflamed. Inflammation can also be due to folliculitis. Folliculitis is defined as a pimple-like rash involving the hair follicles. Each tender pink bump has a small fluid-filled head at the skin’s surface. If the waxing was done on the face or chest, folliculitis can be easily confused with an acne breakout. In most cases, folliculitis after waxing represents a minor infection of the hair follicles that have been left open to bacteria on the skin surface due to hair removal. In some cases, there is no infection of the hair follicles and folliculitis develops from irritation alone.

The likelihood of developing skin bumps after waxing differs depending on how sensitive your skin is, the area being waxed, the product being used and the waxing technique.

A cool compress or shower after waxing may help reduce immediate, post-wax irritation. Using an over-the-counter cortisone cream on the treatment area for a day or two might also reduce inflammation and any itching that may present itself. A soothing, moisturizing lotion can also be helpful. It’s best to avoid swimming in unchlorinated water or using a hot tub within 24 to 48 hours after body or bikini waxing to avoid folliculitis.

Superficial folliculitis typically does not require topical or oral antibiotics and will go away on its own. You’ll need to keep the area clean and avoid sharing towels or clothing with others until the infection clears. See your doctor if you develop large or growing bumps, especially if you experience a fever, the redness appears to be spreading or you experience other symptoms.

Another great tip is to use baking soda and warm water to make a paste and gently exfoliate the area twice a day. You should also use a scent-free moisturizing lotion.

Why do you apply pressure to the skin after waxing?
Applying pressure directly to the skin after waxing each section helps to relieve discomfort. It restricts blood and oxygen flow to the nerves in the area which causes discomfort.
What is Brow Lamination?
Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that realigns the direction of brow hair and creates an instant look of added volume, fullness and fluffiness! Lasting 3-5 weeks, Brow Lamination is a solution for clients with stubborn hair growth, course unruly brows, or brows that do not stay in place. Paired with an optional Brow Shaping and/or Brow Tint, Brow Lamination can work wonders and eliminate the need for daily maintenance, even for clients with existing Microblading or Micropigmentation.

This treatment is similar to a ‘Lash Lift’, however, Brow Lamination has been specifically formulated to perfectly shape and set brow hair without over processing, and while maintaining a PH level that remains gentle on sensitive facial skin. Approved by Health Canada, this 3-step system lasts until the brow hairs have completed their growth cycle.

Who is the ideal candidate for Brow Lamination?
  • Anyone looking to improve the overall look of their brow
  • Clients with Sparse Brows
  • Clients who are growing out their brows
  • Clients not ready to commit to Microblading or Micropigmentation
  • Clients with unruly brows
  • Clients with stubborn natural hair growth patterns
Who cannot get Brow Lamination?

Contraindications include:

  • Psoriasis/Eczema
  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding
  • Recent Eye Surgery
  • Alopecia
  • Recent Microblading or Micropigmentation (must be healed by 6 weeks)
  • Brow Henna (within 30-days)
  • Sunburn
  • Ultra-Sensitive Skin
  • Pink Eye
  • Scar Tissue in the treatment area
  • Brow Growth Serums
  • Clients with very thick, dense brow hair

All of the contraindications listed above can affect the integrity of the skin. Being that we are applying a chemical to the skin, the skin needs to meet the requirements in order to execute an ideal result with no irritation.

Does Brow Lamination cause damage to brow hair?
Brow Lamination was created to bridge the gap and provide artists with a specialized brow lamination system complete with customized ingredients and strengths which have been specifically formulated and balanced for use on brow hair. The formula is designed to perfectly shape and set brow hair without over processing, while maintaining a PH level which remains gentle on sensitive facial skin.
What are the aftercare instructions for Brow Lamination?
  • Do not wet your brows for 24-48 hours
  • Avoid touching the brow area to the risk of transferring oils
  • Do not apply makeup to the brows for 24-hours post-treatment
  • Do not apply Retin A, AHA or exfoliate the brow area for 72-hours before or after the treatment
  • Do not use any self-tanning products on the face for at least 48-hours post-treatment
  • Comb the hairs into place each day