Tooth Gems

Feb 15, 2024

Aloha Soul Survivors!

We’re kicking off 2024 with a VERY exciting and sparkly announcement!

Our darling piercer, Kaleb, has been hard at work behind the scenes, learning how to professionally apply TOOTH GEMS!

What is a tooth gem, you ask? Well, we have answers for you…

Our beautiful Swarovski Crystal tooth gems are lovingly applied using a state-of-the-art dental etchant, in order to create a desirable surface on the tooth for ease of application.

Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with it forever! However, we do need to let you know that tooth gems are SEMI-PERMANENT.

More on that later… 😉

After the etchant is good and ready, we then use a dental adhesive and a curing light (think the same process as getting braces) to make sure that the gem is super secure and won’t be falling off on you.

From there, you get to enjoy your shiny, sparkly tooth!

Once you’re all finished up with Kaleb, he will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions that are yours to keep for the duration of your tooth gem.

Now, back to that question on everyone’s minds: how the heck do I get it off?!

Well, as we said before, these sweet gems are semi-permanent, with no damage done to the tooth or enamel.

The only stipulation is that you will need to visit a dentist in order to have it safely and effectively removed, (we also are able to provide a reputable dentist that can assist you with this, when you so desire).

These gems can last you up to a year – so, if you had your last visit to the dentist recently, never fear! Your smile can sparkle and shine for (almost) as long as you’d like it to, within reason.

PS: After your appointment, you’ll need to hold off on having lunch or dinner for at least an hour, to ensure that the gem is perfectly in place. As well, only clear liquids for 24 hours, and only soft foods for 12 hours!

We promise, it’ll be worth it.

We hope you love this cool new service as much as we do, y’all.

Any additional questions?

Please direct them to our amazing reception team at 204-284-1173 or [email protected]: we are here to help you! 💛

Yours in the utmost gratitude,

The SOUL Tribe